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The Polverino translational research group focuses on understanding the pathobiology underlying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is the third leading cause of death both in the USA and globally. COPD has a multifactorial nature, being determined not only by environmental, but also genetic, genomic, and developmental factors, which accounts for an individual susceptibility to develop the disease. In the era of precision medicine, our ultimate goal is to understand key factors in the pathogenesis of COPD to be targeted in a selected subset of COPD patients.



The Polverino translational research laboratory is member of the COPDiNET, a network of world-wide experts on basic, preclinical and clinical COPD research. The network´s primary focus is the advancement of translational COPD research by discussing ongoing projects, cutting edge human in vitro models, state-of-the art systems biology approaches and clinical cohorts. We strive to identify and enable synergies to facilitate the discovery of novel COPD pathomechanisms. By fostering new collaborations and ideas to transform our understanding of COPD, COPDiNET aims to ignite novel research directions and therapeutic avenues thereby paving the way to eliminate COPD.

Link to COPDiNET here

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