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May 19-24, 2023    

Joselyn receives the 2023 ATS unrestricted grant!

Our lab member and Baylor College of Medicine faculty Joselyn Rojas Quintero has been awarded with the American Thoracic Society Unrestricted grant for her studies on the protective effects of metformin in COPD. Joselyn will receive the award during the ATS International Conference inaugural ceremony. Congrats Jos!

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May 20.2023                    

On Saturday, May 20, the Respiratory Societies of the Americas session will debut with a focus on COPD: The Challenges of Access to Medicines and the Impact of Public and Private Health Policies in the Americas

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May 24, 2023                     

Researchers have struggled to identify effective systemic pharmacologic therapies for COPD. Current COPD management consists of inhaled bronchodilators with few add on therapies for certain patient populations. Recently, researchers have focused on whether systemic medications commonly prescribed for non-respiratory indications may be effective in the treatment of COPD. In this session we discuss the scientific and clinical evidence for repurposing angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), metformin, and antiplatelet therapy as disease-modifying agents in COPD. We will also review the disconnect between murine models and human observational studies compared to clinical trial results for statins and beta-blockers. A panel discussion will follow



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